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Simple Tip Calculator

Version: 3 Build: 1415

Simple Tip Calculator is a simple and easily customizable app that helps you calculate tips easily.


  • Calculate Tip Amounts based on the Tip Percentags
  • Calculate Per Person share when splitting bill among others
  • Exclude Tax from tip calculations by specifying the Tax % or Tax Amount included in the bill amount
  • Get total Amount by rounding the tip amount, bill amount or no rounding of any kind
  • 3 quick use buttons to easily make available serives and tip percentages for each of the services based on the service quality
  • Customize the quick use buttons to choose the services for which calculations need to be done
  • Customize the tip % for each of the service quality types which will be saved for use at any time
  • Quickly reset app to default/factory settings from the Peferences menu
  • Choose from 8 different colors for the app from the preferences menu
  • Default night mode theme for using app in low light situatons without causing eye strain
  • Simple one screen app design to enable quick usage



  •  iOS –

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