Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

Area 51 and the Extraterrestrial Highway

We come in peace

Area 51 is a part of the Edwards air force range used for secret experimental aircraft (unverified). This was a road trip planned during the Christmas holidays in 2008. Driving along the Extraterrestrial Highway (Hwy 375) has been on my bucket list being a fan of X-Files. Rachel, NV and the Ale’Inn restaurant were heavily featured in one of the episodes. We were lucky as there was fresh snow all along the Ectraterrestrial highway, but not so much that it required us to use chains or made driving difficult. All during the 3+ hour drive along the road, we noticed not more than a handful of other motorist and the straights in the road enabled us panoramic unobstructed views for miles.

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San Francisco Comic Con 2016

Using Lightroom Collections

Lightroom Collections

Collections provided by Lightroom are key to making image organizing easy. There is a slight learning curve involved with the initial setup and usage. It also might take some time to determine the collections needed for your workflow. But once done, Lightroom does the heavy lifting in keeping your images organized. Use collections to make categorizing and cataloging your images easy.

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Ghost Towns

Goodbye God, I am going to Bodie

Was the statement made by a 10 year old in her journal when her family took her to the town of Bodie in its glory days. Today Bodie is one of the most famous Ghost Towns in the world, located in the Bodie Hills east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California’s Mono County.  Bodie is an authentic Wild West Ghost town in a state of arrested decay where ‘most’ of the buildingss are still standing unlike ghost towns like Rhyolite where its just falling apart. For other ghost towns, nothing remains except for a marker and maybe a few building foundations. This note contains a listing with images of some ghost towns I have visited. 

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Visiting Death Valley

Patterns on Badwater Basin

Beautiful but dangerous

Death Valley National Park is the lowest point in North America. It also holds the record for one of the hottest temperatures on Earth! Death Valley is the largest National Park in America and is one of the most remote places. A trip to Death Valley needs planning with adequate water and food options. This is especially true if you plan to go hiking or driving to remote places like the Racetrack Playa.

Temperatures vary across the park depending on your location. The hottest I’ve experienced is close to 122-125° F at Furnace Creek in September 2012.

Temperatures vary across the park depending on where you are, the hottest I’ve experienced is close to 122-125° F at Furnace Creek.The 24 days of record breaking temperatures marked Death Valley as the Hottest Spot in the world.

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WonderCon 2011

Racetrack Playa

Racetrack Playa

Racetrack Playa is a dried up lake which feature “sailing stones” that leave “racetrack” like imprints behind them as they “move” over the playa in the northwest region of Death Valley National Park in California. The Racetrack Playa is accessible only via wash out dirt roads which require a high clearance vehicle.

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Wupatki National Monument

Wupatki National Monument

Wupatki National Monument is a National Monument located in north-central Arizona, near Flagstaff. The many settlement sites scattered throughout the monument were built by the Ancient Pueblo People, more specifically the Sinagua, Cohonina, and Kayenta Anasazi.

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Route 66 – The “Mother Road”

Historic Route 66 - Kingsman

America’s Main Street

Route 66 (US 66 or Route 66), also known as the Will Rogers Highway and colloquially known as the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System.

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